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Health and Medical Projects

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Medical Supplies 

Help us connect the community of Soibada with fundamental medical supplies that help medical professionals diagnose and manage illness. 

Supplies include:

  • Stethoscopes - help doctors diagnose diseases

  • Blood pressure cuffs - help medical staff monitor body processes

  • Wound repair equipment like sutures and suture packs

  • Breathing equipment like nebulisers and bag valve masks

  • Medications including paracetamol and lyclear (permethrin).  


Click the 'Donate' to be directed to our health and medical Chuffed donation page.


You can also email us to arrange donations of supplies and equipment!

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Baby Bags 

Donate a baby bag to a new mother and a baby!

These hygiene kits include the following:

  • Soap hypoallergenic

  • Blankets - hand knitted by a Northern Beaches knitting group

  • Baby clothes 

  • Days for Girls Kit

  • Cycle tracker bracelet for women

All of the following help to care for mum and baby after birth.


These are given when the mother presents to their local clinic allowing medical staff to examine baby and mum as well!

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Health Promotion & Health Planning

Friends of Soibada works with Soibada's health care professionals to create health promotion initiatives aimed at increasing education amongst the community. 

Our focusses currently surround:

  • Scabies 

    • Education about applying permethrin cream appropriately

    • Teaching sanitation processes for de-infestation

  • Oral hygiene

    • Encouraging teeth brushing amongst children and adults

  • Smoke inhalation

    • Educating the community about the harms of indoor fireplaces without adequate ventilation​

    • Working with the community to build better fireplaces and incinerators that reduces toxic fume inhalation

Are you a health care professional who is interested in working with clinicians in Soibada to provide education and care to the community of Soibada?

Get in contact with our Health and Medical Project Manager!

Health Report

Read our health report to get a better understanding of the health and health care situation in Soibada. 

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