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Health and Medical 

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Our mission at Friends of Soibada is to partner with local health care professionals to provide high quality medical products to healthcare facilities, mentor health care professionals in the provision of medical care, and partner with the people of Soibada in the construction of necessary health care infrastructure.


Through listening to the health care professionals in Soibada and observing the provision of healthcare there, we have prioritised key projects, headed by medical professionals in Soibada, which we know will make a healthier Soibada.  


We look to see a flourishing Soibada and a healthy Timor Leste. Join us in our mission and click the button below to learn more about the health and medical projects and to see how you can be a part of this mission!


Learn about Friends of Soibada's dental program in Timor-Leste.


Youth Projects

Our Youth Committee is focusing their efforts on building and strengthening relationships between the youth in Australia and Soibada.


Through projects such as the Hospitality Training Centre and Days for Girls, we are striving to empower the youth of Soibada to grow and develop to reach their full potential, despite the constraints they face.  Not only is our mission to fund these projects, but also to strengthen the bond between us.


Through strong and consistent communication we aim to build relationships that facilitate friendships and open opportunities. 

Education Projects

Education must be available to each and every child. Friends of Soibada firmly believe that ones place of birth should not be a barrier to education. With this belief, we are committed to connecting schools in Soibada with the resources and support that they request. 

In partnership with the teachers and students in Soibada, we look to a future where every child in Soibada is able to enjoy the benefits of childhood education.

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Community Development

Friends of Soibada works with the men and women of Soibada to develop their community.


From supporting community projects, like the building of training centres, to providing community groups with resources; Friends of Soibada believes that community is central to a flourishing village. 

See how we are supporting community development below.

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