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Kose Nehan

Kose Nehan in Tetun (the native language of Timor-Leste) means brushing teeth.


This porgram is all about imparting education on the importance of brushing our teeth, when to do so, how to do so, and what happens if we don't brush our teeth regularly.


Unfortunately, many children in Soibada do not have access to a tooth brush and have not been taught the importance of brushing their teeth. As a result, 84% of children from years one and two in Sobada have a dental cavity, a painful affliction that makes it difficult for students to take hold of life and schooling.


This project aims to change that. 



School visits

Without education, we are unable to take control over our health. Kose Nehan looks to educate children about the importance of tooth brushing, how to brush their teeth, and what happens if we don't brush our teeth. 



The Kose Nehan project appreciates the complexities of poverty, where a simple hygiene instrument like a toothbrush may not be a priority to a struggling family. With the help of our donors, Friends of Soibada use our donations to buy toothbrushes which can be given to the students as part of the education. 



Dental Nurses

Friends of Soibada rely on the donations from our donors to fund two Timorese dental nurses to join the Kose Nehan team in the distribution of education. This is our way of putting money back into the community and ensuring that our project remains culturally sensitive. 


Silver Diamine Fluoride

The children are assessed by the dental nurses who, if found to have a dental cavity, apply silver diamine fluoride (SDF). SDF is a liquid that can help to arrest cavity progression until the students have adopted regular tooth brushing into their day-to-day. 




Data is imperative to the success of this program. It helps first to determine how many children are affected by cavities in the population. We can then track this number over time as the Kose Nehan program is continued. Data also helps us find when something is working and when it is not so we can alter the way we run the project. 


Thank for stopping by.

But don't stop here. 

Join us in this project to put an end to dental disease in Soibada's schools.

Dental Program Report - 2023

Read the key statistics from the Kose Nehan program 2023 and additional program specifics. Know where Friends of Soibada intend to go with this program!

Special thanks to...

SDI for a generous donation of SDF

Doctors Martin Hall & Bradley Christian (directors of Kose Nehan)

For supporting and advising the Friends of Soibada team in implementing Kose Nehan in Soibada 

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